I connect my iPhoneX (11.4) to the iPad Hotspot. Everything works fine. I sat working on laptop and then the iPhone X and iPad screen locked. After X minutes I then unlock iPhone to check email etc.. The iPhone X has disconnected from the hotspot and is back to using the cellular plan on my iPhone. My problem is that I want to connect my iPhone se hotspot to the laptop and I know how to do that but my laptop is having troubles. Whenever I try to connect it Casey's iPhone comes up but the laptop won't connect to it, the phone will be right next to my laptop but it says there's no bars. On the iPhone I get the blue Personal Hotspot field on top of the screen flashing on and off while Windows tries to connect. Solution. Solution is to change the name of your iPhone to remove or replace the apostrophe. To change name of your iPhone in iOS: Settings – General – About – Name. More info. I just fixed this and unfortunately Nov 24, 2017 · Instant Hotspot is similar to Personal Hotspot on iPhone or iPad but one major difference between the two is ease-of-use. The latter involves setting a password and authenticating it on your Mac. But with Instant Hotspot, you can connect your Mac (OS X Yosemite) instantly to your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot (via Cellular data, of course

Jan 16, 2019 · To take things one step further, change the hotspot password on the iPhone. To do this, tap on Settings and select Personal Hotspot. Tap on Wi-Fi Password, change your password and hit Save.

On the iPhone: 1) Turn OFF personal hotspot. 2) Go to Settings, General, About. 3) Change the iPhone name to something very simple without spaces or non-letter characters. For example, use bobiphone instead of Bob's iPhone. 4) Turn ON personal hotspot. On the Laptop: - Open the Intel wifi app (green/white icon in the system tray).

Mar 09, 2020 · With a USB cable, connect your Mac to the iPhone or iPad that provides Personal Hotspot. If prompted, trust the device. Make sure that you can locate and view your iPhone or iPad in iTunes or the Finder. If your Mac doesn't recognize your device, try a different USB cable. Go to System Preferences > Network, then select iPhone USB.

Earlier iPhone had the Internet tethering feature, but it could only be used via USB or Bluetooth therefore limiting the usage on laptops and desktop computers. Now with the addition of wi-fi hotspot, you can share the internet with other devices too like iPod Touch, iPad, and other smartphones. How to turn hotspot on iPhone: To use Personal Feb 06, 2014 · My New Lenovo laptop T440s runs Windows 8 and it will NOT connect with my iphone 5s Hotspot. It will work when connected to USB but will not connect on wifi. I never had this issue with my other windo … read more