Azure App service custom dns server name resolver to machines hostname fqdn instead of private IP. I have azure app service hosted which can connect to VMS using VNET integration and custom dns server is also setup for name resolution, However app service is able to communicate to VM using only private IP adress and not via fqdn, I used the networking tools in azure app service and following

At the moment I use open dns on my wifi network adapter on computer. (TCP IPv4) Does this stop me getting the inbuilt virgin "security web settings" if I am not using virgin dns The open dns is quick which is an advantage (many servers) Any advice on the merits of using virgin dns versus using a fre Newest 'dns' Questions - Stack Overflow 2020-6-16 · I am making a simple DNS Spoofing program using Scapy and NetfilterQueue. When i am run this program its not working just because of scapy does not … How do I Correctly and Properly Configure IIS with DNS on 2015-3-25 Windows cannot find the host name "xxxxxx" using DNS

3 hours ago · the I am tracing the network traffic on my host machine using wireshark,this is the filter: ip.dst == && ip.proto == 17 && == "" and the result shows dns query retransmission, so why the dns query retransmission? when I ping from host to it works fine.

How to block facebook on the network level using a DNS 2012-5-7 · I am testing it using a browser after clearing the cache and flushing the dns. When I first started this assignment my intent was to block it in our cisco asa firewall, after blocking all blocks of Ip addresses listed in Arin database and a few more that I recieved when I would ping Fastest DNS available in India | CrazyEngineers 2020-5-31


networking - How to know what DNS am I using in Ubuntu 2020-5-27 · However, on default settings the DNS server listed in resolv.conf is, because NetworkManager uses its own internal DNS service for some obscure technical reasons which are not relevant for many people. This is why you have to use nmcli to see what DNS servers NetworkManager is using …