The Linux-PAM System Administrators' Guide

Most of the required modules are (the main authentication module), the single requisite module is (which makes sure the user is logging in on a secure console), and the only optional module is (the module that retrieves information on the user's most recent login). Insignia Health (en-US) For folks who improved two PAM levels, there was a 15 percent reduction in cost. When PAM level declined, the cost rose 9 percent for each level. In dollars, the average health care cost for people who remained at PAM level one was $12,700 a year, compared to $9,500 for people at PAM level 4. So, it’s significant. It can add up. The Linux-PAM System Administrators' Guide

6.30. pam_shells - check for valid login shell 6.31. pam_succeed_if - test account characteristics 6.32. pam_tally - login counter (tallying) module 6.33. pam_tally2 - login counter (tallying) module 6.34. pam_time - time controlled access 6.35. pam_timestamp - authenticate using cached successful authentication attempts 6.36. pam_umask - set

pam_nologin - Prevent non-root users from login Synopsis. [file=/path/nologin] [successok] Description. pam_nologin is a PAM module that prevents users from logging into the system when /etc/nologin exists. The contents of the /etc/nologin file are displayed to the user. Home Page – PAM Transport, Inc.

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