Possum skin cloaks then and now – same same but different. Revitalisation of Possum Cloak knowledges and practices as a living legacy in community, is a notable historically significant cultural regeneration phenomenon of our times.

Jul 08, 2019 Possum Skin Cloak, Animal Skins - Traditional Aboriginal Apr 12, 2016 Possum Skin Healing Cloak – Stage 4 • Possum skin cloaks are one of the most sacred cultural expressions of south-eastern Aboriginal peoples (Victoria and NSW tribes). • Making a possum skin cloak is an act of storytelling and map-making and the very thing being mapped is identity of the wearer. Reading the possum skin cloak - Museums Victoria

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Capturing the AIATSIS Possum Skin Cloak | Australian AIATSIS’ story will soon be etched on to its own possum skin cloak by renowned Yorta Yorta artist and cloakmaker, Lee Darroch. AIATSIS multimedia officer, Andrew Turner, went to visit Lee at her home studio to document its creation. Possum Skin Pedagogy: A Guide for Early Childhood

The Possum Skin Cloak – Being Warmed by Culture Muriel Bamblett Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia For me, wearing a possum skin cloak is as foreign an idea as it is to non-indigenous Australians. But I know, from stories told by Elders and old photos, that possum skin cloaks are

The possum skin cloak is a traditional item that is iconic to the indigenous people in Australia’s south-east regions. The plush possum leather provided warmth and water protection from the harsh winter environment and also served as baby carriers and to provide comfort for sleeping. Ancient Traditions, New Stories: Reviving the Aboriginal Jun 27, 2012 Reclaiming tradition and re- affirming cultural identity A “Possum Skin Cloak” would be either created to commemorate a person’s birth and would then be added to with each new piece recording a person’s life journey. As such, no two cloaks would ever be similar, each was unique to represent that person and as such each person’s cloak would be valued and recognised by all. Kooramook yakeen: possum dreaming by Vicki Couzens