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how can i make my wi-fi on my ps3 work better? - Instructables Just skip the wifi from ps3 altogether. It is not up to par. What I suggest to do, since this is a diy group afterall, is to mod a second wireless router into a wireless reciever. There is a custom firmware called DD-WRT that works on many routers and does the job. PS3 wifi won't recognize any wifi connections - AVS Forum Feb 25, 2009 How to Connect PlayStation 3 to WiFi - In order to connect to a wireless network, you must have the required credentials. These are: Wireless Network Name (SSID) Wireless Network Key (Password) Finding Network Credentials. Most wireless routers or gateways have a label with the default credentials. If the credentials aren't there, check the documentation that came with your device. Does the PS3 have Wi-Fi? Or needs a wire? | Yahoo Answers

Sep 21, 2018 · Your PS3 should have come with a USB cable to charge your controller; it has a large end, which is the USB plug, and a small end, which plugs into your PS3 controller. If you don't have a PS3 charger cable, you can purchase a new one from Amazon.

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Note: Only the first 2 generations of PS3 fats have removable Wifi/BT cards. If you have a third generation fat (VER-100 motherboard or later) the Wifi/BT … how can i make my wi-fi on my ps3 work better? - Instructables